Therapeutic Massage

We are born into a wondrous body held together with fibers and strands of connective tissue designed to fight gravity and give us mobility throughout life. 
But… Our body’s structural alignment can become compromised as we develop and grow. Regardless of your activity levels, dysfunctional holding patterns and repetitious movements cause some muscle groups to strengthen and others to weaken. Over time, this can lead to muscles becoming painful, tense and tight, pulling your bones out of alignment and causing poor circulation, swelling and numbness throughout the body. 
Lynora Silverman, LMT is a structural alignment specialist. She will find the source of your pain and work with you to manipulate and reorganize connective tissue and fascia to bring alignment back in your body. 
Structural integrity for your body will level tension in your muscles, reduce pain and bring balance to your body and soul. 
Do you remember a time when you did not think about the pain?
Life is too short to be controlled by pain. Take advantage of this free gift Lynora is offering Dr. Diamond’s patients… ONLY
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