Balance Exercises

One Leg Stand with Partial Weight

Archisizer Eversion

Heel /Toe Rocks

Hip Flexor Stretch

Isometric Eversion

Seated Calf Raises

Side Stepper Seated

Stair Calf Raises

Straight Leg Lifts

One Leg Stand with Leg Rotation

Archisizer Inversion

Heel to Toe Tandem Walking

Hip Range of Motion on Floor

Isometric Inversion

Seated Hamstring Stretch

Side Stepper Standing

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Stair Calf Stretch

Plantar Fascia Stretch

Wall Calf Stretch

One Leg Stand withFull Weight

Archisizer – Plantar Flexion

Heel Walking

Hip Rotator Stretch

Legs Diamond

Seated Quad Stretch

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Sit to Stand

Standing Calf Raises

Waist Crunches

Windshield Wiper

One Leg Stand on an Unstable Surface

Elbow to Knee

Hamstring Stretch Laying

Isometric Dorsiflexion

Lunge Calf Stretch


Spine Curls and Extension

Standing Hip Strengthening

Walking on Toes