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Meet Dr. Elliot Diamond

Dr. Elliot Diamond has been a podiatrist for more than thirty years, blending complementary medicine strategies with podiatric concepts. His interest in Oriental Medicine, acupuncture and pain management were initially catalyzed as a graduate student at Penn State University.

“My initial interest in podiatry began in 1974 when I was a graduate student in the Department of Health and Physical Education. While I was working on my Master’s Thesis, a podiatric medicine academy hired me to research and publish a textbook on muscle testing and corrective medicine for the Lower Extremity titled: “A Podiatric Resource Guide for Preventative and Rehabilitative Foot and Leg Care”, Futura Publishing Company, 1976. Once this textbook was published, I decided to attend the Temple University School of Podiatric Medicine (then named the Pennsylvania College of Podiatric Medicine).

My interest in acupuncture stemmed from my Master’s Thesis on Transcendental Medicine/Yoga and its relationship to psychological components and drug attitude and behavior. I achieved an Oriental Doctor Degree and have integrated acupuncture in my podiatry practice since 1983.”
Due to my extensive training in both the USA and Japan, my interest in pain and sports medicine has a universal approach. Non-surgical techniques for “hard to heal” podiatric conditions are emphasized in our practice, but when surgery is required, we’ll work with you to find the best option.

Podiatric Achievements

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Author of multiple Podiatric Articles

Podiatrist to the PA Ballet, Philadanco and many other dance companies

Voted “Best of Philadelphia” and “People to Watch” by Philadelphia Magazine

Adjunct Professor, the Temple University School of Podiatric Medicine

Creator of The ONE MODEL, Oriental Natural Energetics., American Academy of Pain Management

Medical Adviser to Prizm Medical


Philadelphia Podiatrist

Dr. Diamond offers a unique blend of podiatric medicine, incorporating contemporary pain management and sports medicine techniques, with acupuncture and other holistic remedies. Dr. Diamond was voted “Best of Philly” by Philadelphia Magazine, and is the Podiatrist to The Pennsylvania Ballet. He is also an Oriental Medical Doctor (OMD) and a Podiatric Acupuncturist and has been since the early 80′s. He has authored a textbook on muscle testing and exercise as well as on other effective non-surgical treatment options.
We treat all podiatric and alignment concerns. Our treatment strategies are different as compared to other podiatrists and orthopedists, because our specialty is non-surgical and non-drug based.

We carefully listen to your concerns, diagnose your condition, and provide both office and home solutions. Our goal is to provide treatment strategies that are both successful and comprehensive. We have effective treatment techniques and innovative products to complement our Oriental and rehabilitative medicine approach to achieve wellness.

If your goal is to find the cause of your condition, and to have a unique and very successful treatment approach, then please contact our office to schedule an appointment!