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I've tried other Podiatrists but was disappointed. Dr Diamond and his staff are superb! Very comprehensive and holistic treatments. I feel lucky to have found them. I travel an hour and a half through rush hour traffic jams to go into Philadelphia for my appointments at their office. It's worth it for the great care and skill they give in helping with my foot problems.

Bob W.

Dr. Diamond is a great, caring doctor with a hardworking staff. He genuinely listens to what your concerns are and recommends options. He and his staff are respectful of your time as well. I used to go for my therapy in the early morning before work and they always made sure that I was done at the time that I needed so that I would not be late for work - how awesome is that!

Val J.

Dr. Diamond deserves all the recognition and awards he has received in Philadelphia. I have been a patient at a number of podiatrists over many years but Dr. Diamond is by far the best. He offers many services and therapies that other doctors do not as well as acupuncture, which is an essential part of my well being. Dr. Elliot Diamond is a leader in the field of podiatry.

Beth R.

Both my husband and I saw Dr. Diamond and have been very pleased with the services provided by both the doctor and his staff. Everyone is professional, friendly, and knowledgeable about the services they provide. They are caring and patient and seem to enjoy the work they are doing. Both my husband have had a reduction in the pain we were experiencing, and that is the bottom line. We highly recommend this office.

Barbara L.

I have been suffering with heel pain for 4 years and decided enough and needed to do something about it. Dr Diamond and his well trained staff listened to me and were able to give practical feedback with a great treatment program without the need for shots or medication. I am on a road and journey to recovery now thanks to Dr Diamond and his practice. Make a appointment for a consult you'll be glad you did.

David B.

Dr. Diamond is an amazing diagnostician and treatment provider. He "thinks outside the box", and is able to provide holistic treatments other podiatrists do not. He is a skilled acupuncturist - he knows the nerves and muscles very well. If you are at the "end of the line", you should make an appointment to see him.

Irene E.

I have been having problems with my big toe - arthritis, a bunion, and just constant pain and discomfort. Dr. Diamond had treated me years ago for a dance injury, and I was thrilled to find him again. After 1 session of acupuncture, an injection, and getting my foot taped, it's been about 10 hours and my toe feels remarkably better. Very eager, bright, personable staff...great open, inviting, and dynamic office space. Dr Diamond is a master!

Susan M.

Dr. Diamond is the most knowledgeable and creative podiatrist I have ever gone to. He not only knows feet, he knows how feet are connected to the rest of the body. I have seen him for a torn ligament, hammer toes, foot sprain, arch pain and leg pain. He uses a whole range of modalities, drawing on his vast experience and the particulars of the person he is dealing with. I would never go to anyone else.

Betsy B.

Dr. Diamond really is the best! I treated with four different foot doctors without results prior to hearing from a friend about Dr. Diamond. Never have I visited a doctor's office where I felt so cared for and listened to... Philadelphia Podiatrist, Dr. Elliot Diamond, is absolutely unparalleled in his field!
His integration of modern methods with natural pain relief has been so beneficial for me.

Gina M.

Dr. Diamond helped me improve a chronic toe injury that has been troubling me for 2 years. He had the equipment and expertise to exactly diagnose the issue and has been working with me on a treatment plan that has produced real results. I highly recommend Philadelphia Podiatrist for its expert care and welcoming atmosphere.

Razzi A.

I actually look forward to going to see Dr. Diamond and his staff. A visit to the Philadelphia Podiatrist is unlike a visit to any other healthcare provider you've even been to. The staff is so pleasant, knowledgeable and passionate. I really love the cross-section of Philadelphians you'll see there. Don't waste your time going anywhere else. This is the spot to get your feet taken care of.

Jason D.

Dr Diamond and his staff are very professional and caring. When I first came to Dr Diamond I was in constant pain and found walking almost intolerable. I allowed him to do what he thought would be necessary and continue to do foot exercises at home. Last year I was able to walk in 3 5K races. I may not be doing marathons any longer but walking without overwhelming pain feels like a gift for me!!!!

Nancy R.