Services We Provide

  • Podiatric and Alignment Evaluation

    A computerized standing and walking test is completed, followed by an individualized treatment program to meet your condition and schedule.

  • Foot and Ankle Treatments

    As part of your podiatric and pain management rehabilitation program, the following treatment techniques may be used.

  • State of Art Orthotics

    To best meet your long term treatment and prevention needs, a non-custom, custom orthotic or shoe modification may be recommended. Our custom orthotics are made from the input of our evaluation and from the data of the computerized force plate standing and walking testing.

  • Exercise Therapy

    Dr. Diamond is an author of a textbook on Muscle Testing and Corrective Exercise and will use that expertise to provide a home range of motion and therapeutic exercise program for your unique needs and ability.

  • Mobility Enhancement

    We provide computerized balance testing, individualized Fall Reduction Program and can custom make Mobility Enhancement Devices that are easy to wear and very effective in providing greater standing and walking stability.

  • Pain Management

    A summary of select scientific research articles on topics related to foot and ankle pain management and rehabilitation is also included.

Your First Visit

Your first visit to Philadelphia Podiatrist will be not only educational, but also it will begin to provide you with relief from your condition. Our goal is to treat your current concern, help you learn more about your individual needs and assist you in preventing future concerns. Throughout your first visit, we will learn about both your medical and podiatric history, and begin to formulate an individual treatment program for you. Since we are interested in how your condition could be related to your overall posture and alignment, we will begin your visit with a computerized standing, walking and balance test. Other diagnostic tests, such as state of the art Digital X-Rays, are available on-site and may be conducted should it be necessary.
To learn more about what to expect for your first visit to our practice, please review the information provided on this page. You’ll find all the practical information you need, such as a map and directions to our office, practice hours, payment policies and more. To assist you in maximizing your time on your first visit, we ask that you print out and complete the patient forms before your appointment.

New Patient Paperwork

Please print and fill out the form below so we can expedite your first visitPatient Form

Forms of Payment


What to Expect

Our goal is to begin your first visit in a timely manner, provide a comprehensive evaluation and begin your treatment process. Please allow up to 2 hours for your complete visit.

Insurances Accepted


To best assist us with meeting your needs, please bring the following:

X-Rays, MRI reports, other tests that may be associated with your condition, etc. that you have access to.If you have had orthotics made for you in the past, please bring them with you.A sample of the type of shoes you are most likely to wear at home, work and weekends.If you are a runner, work-out or are a sports enthusiast, your current sneakers, tennis/golf shoes, etc.A list of any questions or concerns that you have.A list of your medications.

Important Information Regarding Insurance

In order to assist you with your insurance, the following are commonly used procedures that maybe billed to your insurance depending on your treatment.
These procedures may or may not be included as part of your co-payment. To avoid any confusion, we encourage all patients to call their insurance company to find out their specific plan’s benefits as they regard to these procedures.
Office & Rehabilitation Visit Codes97140 – Manual Therapy97110 – Therapeutic Exercise97032 – Electrical Stimulation97016 – Compression Therapy
Surgical Codes 29540 – Taping20550 – Type of Injection20605 – Type of Injection64450 – Type of Injection
Medical Device CodesL3000 – OrthoticsL4396 –Night Splint
Our goal is to provide a unique podiatric experience. This is a team effort. We look forward to beginning your healing process. “We will keep you walking”.